Welcome to Partake Columbus

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Welcome to Partake Columbus
Part of Phase Shift a MFA Thesis Exhibition by Jeni Hansen Gard
February 17th – March 21st 2015 at Urban Arts Space

Partake Columbus is a project in shared eating. Spanning 33 days, the course of the exhibition, it brings together seven individuals from different neighborhoods throughout the city of Columbus. The participants have been given a sharing set of dishes, a set of ceramic dishes for two people. They have committed to eating, drinking, and sharing one meal each day for the duration of the exhibition.

These shared meals are the central focus of the project. The food, sharing sets, and daily experiences are documented on a group blog chronicling each individual journey. Where, when, and with whom each participant decides to share each meal is at his or her discretion.

The project exists through the lives and meals of each individual and is represented in the gallery through portraits of each person taken in their respective neighborhood, ceramic dishes, and the group blog. The blog serves as a record, narrative, and preserves the individuals experience for public understanding. It is divulging the inner workings of each individual and there personal identity through food, meal sharing, community, and place.

On February 17th, 2015 the group shared an inaugural meal together meeting and breaking bread for the first time, on their sharing set of dishes, to mark the start of the project. The meal was prepared with all locally sourced food that was grown and produced in central Ohio. Made possible though generous donations from several Ohio farms and businesses.

The remainder of the project is dedicated to meal sharing, using the dishes to bring awareness to the connections that take place at the table, within the community, and in the city we all reside in.

Partake Columbus is a reflection on our relationship to the food we eat and the people we share it with.

Specific Details and requirements for participation:
The exhibition will run from February 17th – March 21st 2015
The first meal will be a private meeting with the seven participants on Tuesday, February 17th at 400 W. Rich Studios.
Opening reception for the gallery work is Saturday, February 21 from 5-7 pm.
The final meal will be a potluck with the seven participants and a guest of their choosing to share the final meal from the dishes on Saturday, March 21st 2015 at 400 W. Rich Studios.


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