Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Dinner this evening was the first time in well over a month that my mind was able to lay at rest. I enjoyed every bite, every person, story, and memory that was made this evening. After two months of preparation I stepped back into myself and I let it happen. The room was so quickly filled with laughter and energy. And now after it is all over I realize it is really just beginning. I made it to the point where now I am able to look forward on the next 33 days as a reward for all the work I put in. Yet, at the same time I am thinking about all the people who made this project possible. Just today so many people came together to make this dinner happen and the whole group worked together to make this night the success it was. Thank you everyone lets do it again in 33 days.
photo 2


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