Like Minds Like Meals Like Experiences

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Todd Combs

Tonight we meet for the first time. From reading the profiles, it is clear that Jeni is bringing together a group of people who all appreciate meals as experiences, particularly when it means friends and family gather to enjoy conversation.

Starting this week, this is the setting where friends and I will partake.

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I enjoy the simple things, supporting a small local restaurant, or dinner at home, with easy conversation and a relaxed pace that comes from a confidence that there is plenty, and plenty of time, to explore. I grew up in Huber Heights (America's Largest Community of Brick Homes) with a terrific family. I went on to college at Miami University, then moved on to a satisfying career in high tech marketing in Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Il and San Francisco, CA. I started my own landscape design business in 2004 in the Bay area. I returned to Columbus recently to be closer to family and a more steady pace suited to my personality. I am working to reestablish my landscape design business. I am a collaborator. I love the thrill of the creative process on all levels, sharing my great ideas and experiencing someone else improve upon them for something truly great. As for career, you'll find me happiest and doing my best work designing landscapes. You can check out my work at

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