Windyn – Clintonville (Meal 1)

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Windyn Hines

Winter roots!  What vibrancy in the dead of winter.  What you’re looking at is roasted purple potatoes and carrots with garlic.  All the ingredients are from Ohio.

Today I shared my meal with seven individuals, six of whom I only met tonight.  It was very exciting to meet all the other participants.  Everyone was very kind and open.  I really enjoyed the multi-course meal prepared by Jeni and friends.  The vegetables really spoke for themselves, prepared in a way that harnessed their full flavor and texture.  My favorite dish was the purple cabbage with greens (not pictured).

I also loved the location of our first dinner- 400 W Rich in Franklinton.  This old building that has been remodeled into art studios and a restaurant/bar is such a fabulous meeting of passions.  To me, a non-native Ohioan, 400 W Rich represents my version of Columbus.  Art of all mediums, people from many backgrounds, train tracks rattling directly to the east, & a lot of creative energy and ingenuity.   


What you are looking at here is an egg scramble with beet greens, topped with roasted beets and carrots, on a bed of butter lettuce (All sourced from Ohio).


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