Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Today I shared a simple breakfast of eggs and toast with my husband Forrest. With our busy schedule it was the only opportunity we had to eat together.
It was a special day for a few reasons. It is the beginning of the project and that feels significant but also because I have not sat down to eat breakfast with Forrest on a weekday since he moved to Columbus last June. I am not really a morning person and so I enjoy lingering in bed while Forrest prepares for work. This has made him rather jealous and it has been the start to a few arguments. But in our very small apartment it is difficult to manage two people getting ready at the same time anyways. So this morning I helped prepare the toast I cut the bread and set the table while Forrest made scrambled eggs in his favorite cast iron skillet.


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