Windyn – Clintonville (Meal 2)

Windyn Hines

Today I shared a meal with Calvin.  We ate New Mexican enchiladas.  What makes them New Mexican is 1) I used red chile sauce made from New Mexico Hatch chile peppers; and 2) I prepared the enchiladas flat, not the more typical way of rolled.  In celebration of the second day of this project (and the first homemade meal with the pottery at my home in Clintonville), I also made a cake!  The recipe came from Dinah Bucholz’s book, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.  I am a fan of the book series by J.K. Rowling and as a lover of food, this book is just so much fun.

Calvin and I typically eat early.  We wish each other a good meal by exchanging the single word, makan, which means eat in Bahasa Indonesian.  Over meals we catch up on our day.  I really enjoy when we’re able to make connections between daily experiences and values because I like critical thought!  

My excitement about being involved in Partake Columbus continues.  The ceramic dishes made by Jeni are so beautiful.  I like their lustre and the map of Columbus screen printed on them.  While we ate dinner together tonight, I kept remembering where I was because of the subtle maps printed on the plates, cups, and platter.  I really felt a geographic connection with Columbus as I ate my dinner tonight. 


Harry Potter cake to celebrate the beginning of Parktake Columbus.


Breakfast in Clintonville. The whole family showed up for the meal of leftover egg scramble, red chile sauce, and herbal tea.


2 thoughts on “Windyn – Clintonville (Meal 2)”

  1. Windyn, This meal looks fantastic! I had no idea what made an enchilada New Mexican– that is so interesting. The cake looks beautiful what a wonderful start to the project!

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