Julie – German Village – Meal 4

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Julie Jent

Yesterday was a relaxing day… well, break’s over.

My energy level was once again at full-tilt. I was very busy all day at work because my boss will be gone next week on vacation and we also have several projects that are either under construction or about to be. In addition to my busy day, I was making plans for Friday night aka the Last Day of Freedom before a snow-ed in weekend. Some friends and I agreed to go dancing together in Franklinton, so after work I needed to make a fast dinner in order to spend a little time with Justin before I left. He’s not the 2am-retro-dance-party-machine type, so he was opting out for a movie night at home with our poodle, Fran.

In the fall, Justin went hunting during gun season and shot a deer. We had it processed into ground venison and summer sausage, so I made a charcuterie board with some cheese and wheat thins. I’ll speak to the importance of good meats in the next post. Anyway, we snacked and talked about our day while I got ready. Soon, I left to meet up with the Birthday Twins of two blog posts prior. We got so busy talking, listening to music, sipping wine, and painting that the 11pm Time to Dance hour came and went, and the night unintentionally became an intimate evening of great conversation.


One thought on “Julie – German Village – Meal 4”

  1. Song Of... says:

    What a delightful evening! Nothing beats simple cheese and crackers. Love the added meat pieces from Justin’s hunt.

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