Windyn- Clintonville (Day 4)

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Windyn Hines

I shared my meal today with Ashley.  We went out to eat and I ordered a quinoa salad with feta & brazil nuts and she ordered a vegetarian breakfast burrito. 

It was my first time carrying some of the dishes out with me to a restaurant and it was fun and exciting.  I enjoyed sharing with Ashley the meanings behind the project and also the ceramic pieces covered in maps of Columbus.  Ashley is from Columbus and I think she found it interesting how the screen printed maps did not stand out as maps upon first glance, but were more subtle.  

Ashley and I met at a community meeting about six months after I moved to Columbus with my husband.  She was one of my first friends and I am grateful for the community meeting where we met.  Getting involved in the community by volunteering is a great way to make new friends.  What’s better still is that Ashley only lives a couple blocks away, so we’re essentially neighbors!  

Ashley and I share an interest in creating things, especially in reusing and repurposing items in creative ways.  When I am met with a problem I cannot solve, I often call on Ashley for ideas.  I like having her over for tea and snacks, although she’s shy about accepting tea/food from me.  I think she doesn’t want to inconvenience me, but I always have something lying around that I can throw together and I enjoy sharing tea and food with friends, so its no problem. 


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