Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 4

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Jed Dearing

I was excited to find that the first restaurant I ventured into during this project was more than willing to plate my food on the ceramic dishes that Jeni crafted. The cashier and the cook at Si Senor downtown on Lynn St. were both very interested in the project, and came to me to ask if they could forgo putting the avocado salad in it’s normal bowl because it would look better on the plate with the sandwich. I ordered the #7: Very delicious and tender chunks of Peruvian style fried Pork Shoulder with pickled red onions (salsa criolla) and sweet potato mayo, and my lunch partner, Kyle, ordered the #16: Roasted Portabella and roasted red onions mixed with chimichurri dressing, provolone cheese and rocoto mayo. Peruvian pork sandwiches became a personal favorite after visiting my friends in Peru last spring, and I was glad to find a place in Columbus that could do this sandwich justice. Si Senor’s bread is particularly delightful, and if you are a fan of sweet potato, their sweet potato mayo is second to none. 


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