Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 5

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Jed Dearing

This has been a wonderfully lazy Saturday morning, enjoying the warmth of our house while watching the huge snowflakes descend outside our windows. The flakes are particularly striking against the scarlet brick of the house next door. Saturdays are one of my only days with no commitments, and it is wonderful to have the time to play in the kitchen, and craft a breakfast for my roommates. We affectionately refer to our house as “Hufflepuff,” (nerd alert) and this was one fine Hufflebrunch. I sautéed onions and chicken and then tossed them in a chipotle hot sauce from the North Market. Following this I transferred the ingredients to a sauce pan. We don’t currently have a proper omelet pan, which can lead to scrambles like the one on the platter above. I portioned the onions and chicken into four batches and would add three eggs, and each persons favorite cheese to each omelet along with a dash of sea salt. The result was a tasty and filling omelet, complimented by Trader Joe’s everything bagels, grapes, oj, and coffee. The soundtrack for our morning was a fantastic 90’s playlist featuring such classics as Save Tonight, Desperately Wanting, Steal My Sunshine, MMMBop, and Oops I Did It Again. 

Partake Table


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