Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 5

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Today I had the pleasure of sharing all of my meals with my dear friend Lindsay Scypta. A fantastic artist, potter, and teacher this girl has been a strong influence on my graduate schoolwork. She has been supportive, encouraging, and critical when I needed it. We stayed up late the night before with lots of girl talk and reminiscing over the last three years of friendship. In the morning Forrest made us a frittata to share and the three of us ate together. Lindsay requested coffee so Forrest got creative and even though we do not have a device to make coffee he used a small piece of muslin (cheese cloth) to make a pour over coffee. He even made an extra glass for me that I sipped with pure enjoyment as this is a rarity.
day 5 -2Lindsay is one of those people who makes you feel supported no matter what. I am so thankful for our friendship. During my first year of graduate school Lindsay and Gunyoung shared a studio down the hall. They were quiet, focused, and clearly very dedicated to their work. As a new graduate student, I was struggling to find my place. I didn’t have much interaction with them but one day I decided to walk myself down the hall and figure out who those girls were. After a few cups of tea– -it turned out they were going to be my closest friends. They were hiding away and as fate would have it we were able to connect almost immediately and become the friends we each needed. When I left their studio for the first time, I had a feeling of reassurance that I had found what I was looking for: honest, kind, hardworking, and good people who would support each other through this journey. After breakfast we had a slow afternoon of wondering if we were even going to make it to the opening reception of my MFA thesis show and this project, Partake Columbus. The snow was coming down hard and several inches had already accumulated over night. We went for a late lunch/early dinner at Whole World Cafe in Clintonville. I had packed my dishes and was going to share the second meal of the day with Lindsay but when we arrived at the restaurant I realized I had forgotten the dishes on the table. With the weather we decided it was best to forgo the use of the dishes and simply enjoy a meal together. Gunyoung joined us for the meal and the four of sat together in a small booth enjoying the moments in-between ordering the food and waiting for it to arrive. On the way to the opening reception we stopped at Pattycake Bakery for a celebratory sweet treat that we shared over a glass of wine before arriving at the Urban Arts Space for the reception. 
The reception was incredible, I felt so loved by all the people who came to see it! As I watched people interact with my work at the exhibition and start reading the blog with all the individual stories of this group sharing meals I was honored and humbled to have designed a project that is allowing people to slowdown and take a moment to look at the deeper meaning of art, making, using, and sharing. THANK YOU all.
day 5 edited
The top photo was taken at the end of the evening when I made time to sit at the table and enjoy the last minutes of the reception with Josh Clark (OSU BFA from 12), Lauren Karle (K-State MFA 14), and Lindsay Scypta. Thank you all for the love and support!


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