Nina – Downtown (Day 3)

Nina Bressau

One of my favorite cuisines is Thai, and one of my beloved dishes is my mother’s Thai Green Curry. The green curry paste mixed with creamy coconut milk and bunches of fresh cilantro warmed up the cold and wintry day.

My mother cooks this chicken curry quite frequently but usually varies the vegetables. We typically use zucchini and Thai eggplants, but switched to regular eggplants and added carrots for last night’s dinner. I missed to capture our family feast last night, but luckily we had left-overs – which made a nice lunch today.

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2 thoughts on “Nina – Downtown (Day 3)”

  1. Song Of... says:

    This might sound silly but i didn’t know Thai food included their own kind of curry! That’s really cool. It looks delicious, too 🙂

  2. Yes, Thai curry is made with coconut milk, curry paste (vs dry spices such as in Indian curries) and lots of fresh herbs. My favorites are green and red curry, but I’ve also had yellow and Panang before.

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