Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 7

Jeni Hansen Gard

This evening I shared a late night dinner with Forrest. This is a common occurrence since I teach in the evenings until around 10:00 PM. I usually eat something before class but by the time I get out I am starving (and so are they)! My go-to is usually a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. It is a childhood favorite that has not lost its flair. Forrest and I love cheese. Sometimes I think it might be our downfall as we always give into some overpriced cheese at the grocery store. I have only my parents to blame for this obsession with cheese. My mother was the daughter of a dairy farmer and I think its her love of Wisconsin cheese that was passed down to me. This evenings sandwich was prepared with a goat cheddar cheese and a can of Amy’s tomato soup.


3 thoughts on “Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 7”

  1. Song Of... says:

    Love this sentence: “Forrest and I love cheese”. Cheese is AWESOME, your grandparents sound like they have a very rich life! Farms are so cool.

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