Windyn- Clintonville (Day 7)

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Windyn Hines

Inspired by Dan’s (a fellow participant’s) homemade pizza, I made garlic-parmesean breadsticks.  I lost count of the cups of flour I was dumping in the bowl so the dough turned out wetter than normal, but it baked up just fine!  With the temps dipping to -7 degrees Fahrenheit tonight, the oven warmed our home and our hearts. 

I shared tonight’s meal with Calvin.  In addition to the breadsticks we ate enchilada leftovers (yes, still working on them) and a lovely sweet potato and tofu hash made by Calvin.  The hash recipe was given to us by our CSA.  With a list of veggies our CSA also sends along a list of recipes that utilize those week’s veggies.  It’s been fun exploring both vegetables unfamiliar to us (rutabaga, Japanese turnips) and new recipes.  The sweet potato and tofu hash also has mushrooms, onions, spinach, saffron, coconut milk, paprika, and cumin. 


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