Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 9

Dan Hsieh, Uncategorized

Another busy day today, which led to a simple meal.  Another year of urgent requests from the Governor’s office had me scrambling to get projects approved and sent out today, but to be honest, I’ve been anticipating this to happen since last month.
After work, I went to the gym and trained with my Muay Thai partners for a couple hours.  One of my training buddies is fighting in the Arnold Festival this year, so i’ve been working especially hard with him to helping him with endurance and counter striking.  Endurance is the key to winning fights.  You can strike as fast and hard as you can, but if you cant make it through 5 rounds and gas out at the start, then your opponent will take advantage of your winded movements very easily.  We talked about certain diets to pursue in so he can meet his weight class.  I give him a list of superfoods and various low carb salads ideas and it dawned upon me that there are so many people out there who are oblivious to awesome grains and vegetables that can give you the same or better nutritional value compared to certain meats and pastas.  Perhaps, this project can be the catalyst for me to help people discover the existence of quinoa, kale, lentils, etc.
Dinner was quick and dirty since I was pretty tired from the gym.  Just a simple salad comprised of, bell peppers, tomatos, black beans, steamed corn,  a bit of pasta, scallions, and edamames.  I also ground up some coffee and made a cup of dark roast to keep me going before bed.
I shared this meal with Anna, and we talked about how one of our friends is considering moving to Alaska because of a high paying job offer.  I thought it was madness because they had just bought house.  Anna said the same thing but they rebuttled with, “well the house can be sold and you don’t turn down a job offering this kind of money”.  The ridiculous cost of living in Alaska will probably offset the large salary considering a pack of Oreos are 10$ or more at their lone supermarket.  What a crazy bunch.


2 thoughts on “Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 9”

  1. I like quinoa but I only have a few recipes that I use it for. What do you usually do with it? Anything worth sharing?

    • Hmm, I you can cook some sweet potatoes and mix it with the quinoa. Cook it with a bit of chopped onions and garlic, and add some salt and pepper to taste.

      Or you could make a bean salad with quinoa. Basically, black beans, chopped bell pepper, garlic, chopped onions, sliced avocados, chopped up spinach, and some hot sauce. Sometimes I like to add a little honey and or salt and pepper as well.

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