Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 8

Jed Dearing

I have the great privilege of sharing a weekly meal with the volunteers who commit to a year working for Confluence, the Episcopal Service Corps program, that I facilitate in Franklinton. Young adults come from around Ohio and the US to join in. We have a weekly house meal where we check in together, process their experience working in their non-profit jobs and serving in the community, and explore spiritual formation. A perk for me is that the volunteers cook the meal each week. My job is simply to bring the bottle of wine (or ginger ale during lent) and to lead the discussion or study.

This week’s meal was prepared by Melanie who put together an incredibly tasty rejuvenation bowl filled with sweet potatoes, spinach, black beans, and quinoa, and covered with a peanut and tahini dressing. I am already looking forward to the leftovers in my fridge for lunch today. Our conversation was as rich as the meal, as we celebrated acceptance into law school for one of the volunteers, processed the spiritual retreat with another, and considered how we encounter the divine both in and through material objects, nature, and each other. 

Partake Mel


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