Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 10

Jeni Hansen Gard

Today I shared a meal on campus with Liz one of the undergraduate ceramics majors. I met Liz a few summers ago when she enrolled in a ceramics class I was teaching. She has been apart of the ceramics community ever since. We had scheduled a meeting this evening to work on a presentation that we are giving at the national ceramics conference next month. We are presenting on research blogs looking at how different artists record research, the function of the blog, and how to start one. I asked Liz if she would like to share a meal with me before the meeting. When she accepted I went home as soon as I could to prepare some food. I returned to school with a salad in the bowls, the cups packed in my backpack, and a container with the quesadillas. We enjoyed the meal and then got to work putting together our presentation. Liz mentioned that her favorite part about the dishes was the print in the bottom of the cup. I have heard this from so many people I think I will keep making my cups like this!


2 thoughts on “Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 10”

  1. Song Of... says:

    I had to come back to say your quesadillas look really good =)

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