Julie – German Village – Meal 10

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Julie Jent

One of the couples we are friends with, Carli and Alex, came to Kate and Becca’s birthday party and we had so much fun cooking together then that we decided to do it again. We fried up some fish for tacos, made wine spritzers, listened to music, and told funny stories. Instead of using the dishes as individual settings, we put the taco toppings in the plates, bowls, and platter and made a mouth-watering spread.


It’s always a funny thing to bridge old and new friends. Carli and I have known each other since the first day of freshman year of college and we regularly hang out now as Columbus residents. She even works just a couple blocks from my apartment and we have similar design jobs, so there’s always lots of talk about. She started dating Alex in the fall, but he soon had to move for military training, from which he is currently on leave. Justin and I are still getting to know him, so our conversation was a mixture of telling Alex old stories from our shared times in college, hearing about things that he and Carli had experienced, and listening to stories from his past. Every one tried to explain things so that the entire group knew a certain background or significance. 
p.s. We still think it’s funny that Fran tried to sneak into all of our pictures. dog_food

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