Windyn- Clintonville (Day 10)

Windyn Hines

In the photo you can see dishes being passed around and filled.  I like this photo because of the action going on.  

We’re in the double-digits now for the number of days the project has been going on. 

This week I’ve felt more preoccupied by making food than by remembering that this project is about place and community.  

Tonight we hosted a dinner party and served enchiladas, black bean salad, and New Mexican rice.  While I tried incorporating the ceramics into the meal and telling all my friends about the project, it was more difficult than I thought.  One friend, hailing from Ohio, was very intrigued by the ceramics and the map of Columbus, while a couple of my other friends were just hungry for dinner, having recently come home from work.

Below is a picture of the desert platter Calvin and I put together.  The map of Columbus is barely visible, however.



4 thoughts on “Windyn- Clintonville (Day 10)”

  1. Song Of... says:

    I love the movement in the photo, too! 😀 Looks like an awesome time 😀

  2. Are those blood oranges? Where did you find them? They look delicious! I prefer them over regular oranges and I haven’t found them in while.

    • Windyn says:

      Yes! Some of them are blood oranges, Jeni. I got them at whole foods, but I’ve also bought some from trader joe’s and I think maybe luckys has them. Keep your eye out. They have such a different taste than other oranges.

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