Julie – German Village – Meal 11

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Julie Jent
I was a bad Partaker today: no shared food on special plates. However, the shared meals I did have had their own significance.
A few weeks ago, my parents heard that Elton John was coming to Cincinnati for a concert downtown, and they thought it would be fun to buy our entire family tickets. In order to make the show this evening, Justin and I left work early and sped down I-71 to meet up with my siblings. When we got there, there was no time for dinner beforehand so we did what we often used to do… snag some drive-thru food in our crazy rush. 
Eating drive-thru food in the car on the way to do something does not sound that special to the average person. But when we lived in Cincinnati near all of my siblings, we used to do that probably once a week. I have three other siblings who live near each other in Cincinnati and we are all very close. We are always going on crazy Saturday afternoon trips to the flea market, Lowe’s for an impromptu home repair, or driving around looking for yard sales. We like to make up funny trips and go for random drives, and getting Skyline Chili together or late-night White Castle is kind of a weird tradition for us. I loved being a part of this ridiculous group of siblings that was always running around together.
Even after living in Columbus for almost two years and being only an hour and a half away, I still miss my family. It was nice to come back and see that not much has changed and participate in an old ritual. 

One thought on “Julie – German Village – Meal 11”

  1. Song Of... says:

    Nothing beats family traditions. Love your festive glasses 😀

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