Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 12

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Jeni Hansen Gard

I shared a lite snack (sliced pear) and a cup of tea with my new friend Mona. We met for the first time today and shared food together on the table in the gallery. Mona is also an artist and asked me to be apart of her upcoming project Objects That Resonate: The Artifact Project. Right now she is collecting images and recording stories surrounding objects. We shared a snack/tea together before I shared my story with her. We sat together at the table and talked– strangers getting to know each other for the first time. We talked about how life brought us each to this current placday 12 - 2e.
I brought with me a bowl from my mentor and professor from the University of Florida, Linda Arbuckle. Speaking about the bowl was an emotional experience. To reflect back on the past three years since I have moved away and the growth and change I have gone through during that time. Yet the bowl and the relationship I have with the maker stayed constant. 


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