Julie – German Village – Meal 12

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This morning, Justin and I drove from my sister’s house in Cincinnati to the farmland in Indiana to see our parents. Going on trips to see our parents is always somewhat convenient for us because they happen to live so close- only 6 miles apart on the same road.
First we stopped to see my mom and dad. We have a long, looong drive way that is often impassable with a small car during the winter, so we parked my Civic at the road and waited for my mom to pick us up in her 4-wheel drive vehicle. We waited… and waited… and finally decided to walk home in the snow. Most people would balk at this because it’s so far, so cold, and so snowy but growing up I did this a lot after school. The bus would drop us off at the road, and my mom would sometimes forget about us and we had to walk home rain or shine. Needless to say, I was a farm kid that grew up with little coddling or ‘helicopter parents’. 🙂
After visiting my parents, we went down the road to the Jents’ house. When we got there, Justin’s mom was already making Justin’s favorite meal, bami goreng, which is an Indonesian noodle dish with pork and onions that she cooks when she knows Justin is coming over. A little backstory on the dish… Justin’s mom is originally Dutch (now a naturalized American citizen). She was born in Indonesia to European parents because her father was in the Dutch-Indonesian Air Force. Even after moving back to Europe later, her mother continued to make Indonesian recipes and Justin’s family to this day still enjoys these dishes. 
After dinner, we shared some homemade tapioca pudding and coffee for dessert and girl-talked while the guys watched TV in the other room. Overall, it was a nice day for remembering family history.

One thought on “Julie – German Village – Meal 12”

  1. Song Of... says:

    That’s really cool family history. 😀 I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing =)

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