Nina – Downtown (Day 10)

Nina Bressau

Pasta is one of my regular meals to cook, because it’s simple, fast, and I typically already have the ingredients at home. For dinner tonight, I made Farfalle with a pumpkin-tomato-basil sauce and some spinach.

IMG_0341I really enjoy cooking for Som, because he always likes my food! He is not a picky eater at all, and makes me feel good about my cooking attempts.

We had lunch earlier today at Lan Viet in the North Market – one of our favorites! We always get the Vermicelli bowls (a.k.a. bun) with either chicken or shrimp. North Market was very crowded, which is typical on Saturdays as the convention center is right across the street. I’ve been wanting to give some of the other vendors a try for a while – such as Flavors of India and Nida’s Thai – but I haven’t been able to resist Lan Viet yet.

Do you have any favorite vendors and/or dishes at the North Market?

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2 thoughts on “Nina – Downtown (Day 10)”

  1. I tried one of their seasonal waffles a few months ago (pumpkin) and really liked it! Will have to return 🙂

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