Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 13

Dan Hsieh, Uncategorized

I had breakfast with my Mom and Brother this morning.  The roads were unplowed so driving was a hoot!  Seriously though,  I really like driving on the snow.  Its a weird fascination I know, but there is something about that crisp crunch from the wheels and slightly fish tailing into lanes. and making it look like you did it on purpose.
After breakfast my brother came over to my apt and hung out a bit.  We talked about family stuff and planning for the Bunbury Festival!  Since he lives in Cincinnati, we decided to get 3 day passes for a whole weekend of musical fun.  The line up are great and there are so many great bands we both love.  I’m really looking forward to it.
I ended up being really busy after my brother left, making 3 loaves of sourdough bread.  I guess my yeast are really happy lately and yielding way more fed starter than I’ve anticipated.  I also forgot to feed myself while fixated on baking and cleaning, but Anna came to the rescue and brought me dinner.  She made me a curried lentil dish with potatoes, peas, quinoa, and ginger; a true master of vegetarian dishes.  I decided to have an avocado with the lentils as well.  A couple friends came over and we all had slices of the freshly baked sourdough.  Chatting in the living room ensued, followed up by goodbyes, and bed time soon after.


3 thoughts on “Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 13”

  1. Julie Jent says:

    I’m going to Bunbury too! Only on Saturday though. We should meet up!

  2. Song Of... says:

    I really like that photo – the bread and the avocado look so picturesque

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