Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 13

Jeni Hansen Gard

I had a studio day with lots of help from Forrest. We shared a meal midday in-between glazing and decaling pots for the pottery sale this coming week. The ceramics club SLIC has a sale every semester and the next one is coming up soon Wednesday, March 11 & Thursday, March 12 from 9-4 outside Hopkins Hall on the oval (or inside if the snow doesn’t melt!) Thesis kept me rather busy the past few months so this weekend, along with a very important application that was also due today, I tried to finish up some work for the sale. 
We brought sandwiches to school for lunch knowing we were going to have a long day. We took a break halfway through and enjoyed our sandwiches before we started the decals. The short break we took to eat together was the only time I rested while we were at the studio. It was an important time to slow down, enjoy life, and reflect on what I have accomplished and what is still left to do.
I was so jealous of the blood oranges in Windyn’s post from a few days ago. I went to the store in search of them- and I found them! They were gone within seconds of taking this photo.


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