Nina – Downtown (Day 11)


As stated in my biography on this site, I love bakeries and baked goods – especially bread! One of my favorite breads is Müslibrot, a whole wheat bread with nuts, seeds, dried fruits and sweetened with honey. You can read more about Müsli in my post from last week.

Contrary to my love for bread, I don’t really enjoy baking – the actual kneading and mixing ingredients – until the waiting period when the oven is shut, the counters and dishes have been cleaned, and the comforting smells starts to emerge. Mmmh.

imageI baked these Müsli bread rolls while Som was studying, and we then took a break to enjoy them just like they are – without any toppings. Sometimes simple is simply better.

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5 thoughts on “Nina – Downtown (Day 11)”

  1. Song Of... says:

    I FEEL THAT. 😀 Baking has to be perfect–the right spoonfuls, the right cups, etc. ! It can get stressful. Your bread looks amazing, though! 😀

  2. Windyn says:

    Nina, those look great. I also do not like the dishes made when baking. Recipes always tell you to stir dry & wet ingredients in different bowls & I just want to use 1 bowl!

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