Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 14

Dan Hsieh

Anna and I made dinner together tonight.  Once she finished studying, I came over to cook.  It was nice and peaceful.  We just sat around and talked about our day.  I brought up and made her watch a particular Hosier & Annie Lennox performance on youtube.  Hosier sang his single, and Annie Lennox ( Eurythmics) came out bellowing “I Put A Spell On You”.  Even in her 50’s that girl has pipes!  We were both impressed by the performance and energy.
Dinner was relatively simple.  It was another one of those, “time to clean out the fridge and go shopping tomorrow dinners”.  I made a hodge podge of rice with green beans, and broccoli with ginger.  (The broccoli didnt made it in the picture because we were hungry and started eating and cooking at the same time).  I also had a plate of uncooked dumplings I made the other night as well.  Anna treated me with a bowl of extremely sweet and tasty strawberries.  Woof!


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