Elice: sun(day 12)

E11ice P4rk




5 thoughts on “Elice: sun(day 12)”

  1. Ellice, This post is really signifiant to me as I have struggled to connect with my parents/family on the importance of visual art. It sounds like you truly appreciate the full extent of your parents support. Both of which I am jealous. The support from you parents and your appreciation are things I have been eager to have/experience and am still struggling with.

    • Song Of... says:

      It hasn’t come naturally! Every semester my parents made a point to tell me to change my major and school during undergrad. And after I graduated and worked in art, my parents told me everyday to change my profession LOL. Counseling is honestly something my parents discouraged since I was a primary schooler too. But it’s a calling. And when I was called I told God, you know my parents heart and you know I also want to honor them as your word says. God changed their hearts and when they suggested to me to do counseling I knew I had my green light. Only God can change a heart… People are too stubborn. I know he can reconcile you and your parents in this too! That said… I want to be real 🙂 my dad to this day says mixed remarks, about art anyway. So I try to applaud the small progress towards positivity 🙂 love you! You have my support and many others :):):)

    • Song Of... says:

      Oh and I love bragging about your project to people. I can’t wait for them to encounter the partake experience too 🙂

  2. Ellice, sorry I just saw your response. It appears it only tells you if someone comments on your own post not after you post on someone else’s. I look forward to taking about this with you in the future— tomorrow evening if you wouldn’t mind. I have all the ingredients for rice cakes and I am really looking forward to it!

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