Julie – German Village – Meal 14

Julie Jent

It’s a Monday. We came home tired and still had to run errands, so  we had what Dan described perfectly as a ““time to clean out the fridge and go shopping tomorrow” dinner. Justin chose leftover pork and rice, which I spiced up with butter, green onions and Indonesian hot sauce. We also had two tomatoes in the fridge that were nearing the end of their freshness, so I sliced them up and put them on toast with salt, pepper, and mayo. My dad used to make tomato sandwiches growing up, and I still crave them sometimes (usually after spotting large, juicy tomatoes in the grocery store).


3 thoughts on “Julie – German Village – Meal 14”

  1. Song Of... says:

    That tomato sandwich looks amazing. I’ve had tomatoes with salt and pepper before–which is amazing in itself. Paired with bread and mayo–I’ve got to try that! & LOL, Dan used the same phrase in his blog post! clean out the fridge and go shopping tomorrow… =) Guess it’s a thing. 😀

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