Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 14)

Windyn Hines

Yum, breakfast!  Oatmeal with raisins, flax oil, & cinnamon.  Enjoyed with chamomile tea, spearmint tea, and coffee with milk.  I start every day with a thermos of Egyptian chamomile tea.  Although it is thought of as either a relaxing, nighttime tea or as a cure for an upset belly, I find the morning ritual quite rejuvenating.  Calvin drinks first a mug of spearmint tea, then a thermos of coffee.  He loves coffee and brews it very strong.  Right now he’s drinking a single origin coffee from Rwanda.  The coffee is fair trade and roasted in New Mexico.  

I love the bowls Jeni made.  They are a comfortable shape to wrap my hands around and, when filled with warm food, they warm my hands well.  

This afternoon I shared a snack and tea with Jeni.  I had a really nice time using the ceramic dishes with her.  She said it was the first time she’d used the platter.  We ate fruit and nuts and bread and cheese.  She taught me about ceramics and the different heats for firing.  She also showed me how porcelain fired at cone 6 and cone 10 differ.  Her two lovely cats were great company, curled up by the heater.  (See Jeni’s March 2nd post for pictures). 

Here is a picture of dinner.  I just couldn’t get enough of breakfast, so Calvin & I had breakfast for dinner!  (As a child I remember getting so excited about breakfast for dinner.  Now that I’m an adult, I can have it whenever I want and it still conjures excitement.) 



3 thoughts on “Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 14)”

  1. Windyn, you shared every meal today with someone. I am impressed 🙂 I really like how you can still see the pattern in the bottom of the cups through the tea. Thank you for coming over I really enjoyed it!

  2. Julie Jent says:

    I, too, am an excitable fan of breakfast for dinner.

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