Nina – Downtown (Day 13)

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Nina Bressau, Uncategorized

It’s funny how popular Nutella has become in the U.S.

I grew up with Nutella, and even my mother used to eat the chocolate hazelnut spread on toast every morning for breakfast. When I was a kid, hazelnut chocolate spreads were far more popular than peanut butter – which many German kids in didn’t even know growing up! I’m aware this might have changed over the past 10+ years.

Nutella in Germany tastes differently than it does here. I prefer the German version, but that might be the result of children memories coming back. When I searched for the difference online, I found that the recipe is in fact different between the continents.

Som is staying in Columbus with me all week during his spring break. We made a Nutella bagel along with some Turkish apricots for a late snack and started watching the first season of House of Cards (yes, we are slightly behind).

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