Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 15

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Forrest and I are leaving to go out of town tomorrow evening so in an effort to not waste food we decided to cook up everything we had left in the fridge carrots, peppers, onion, potato, asparagus and a little sour cream. Since we had some tortilla shells in stock we made veggie burritos. I cut the veggies, Forrest sautéed them, and made a cream sauce. He used the sour cream, a little ghee, and garlic. While he was working on the sauce I shredded cheese and together we assembled the burritos. Forrest added the ingredients and I rolled them up. We opened a can of our summer salsa, topped the burritos and baked them. This random mix of things was actually so good I think we will make it again.
I am using our kitchen table for a upcoming project so this evening without a table we made due sharing our meal on the floor. Tomorrow when its not so cold outside we will get a small table we have in the basement to use in the interim.


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