Julie – German Village – 15

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Julie Jent

Today was a lucky day because, despite getting off work late, I was still able to accomplish (most) of what I try to squeeze into a typical day after work:

Θ make a healthy, fresh dinner
Θ spend a little time with Justin
Ο go to the gym
Ο dog walk
Θ do a few chores
Θ work on artwork (drawing, painting)

I usually have about 5 hours to do all of these things on top of being tired from work, so as you can imagine, most of the time, maybe half of these things happen… but I always remember the busiest quarter I had at school: in 10 weeks, I had full architecture school credits, was looking for my first internship (a school requirement), and I signed up for a Russian Lit class and had to read War and Peace. And I did it! With only skipping maybe 150 pages of W&P. So after that point, I realized I am more productive when I have way too much to do.

Anyway, tonight I made quinoa enchiladas. It has it’s share of cheese, but overall it’s pretty healthy– Quinoa, veggies, a little enchilada sauce + cheese mixed in, topped with onions. We even had enough left over for two lunches.

quinoa 2


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