Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 16

Dan Hsieh


Sorry for the repetition.  They were on sale again and I could not resist.  I added some fruit to make it… better for me? heh. heh. heh.
I shared this meal with … obviously my roommate’s cat, Tarzan.  But also my roommate Zack and his friend Kayla.  
When I got home from work, I put these wings into the slow cooker and left for the gym.  Zack headed out with Kayla to see the animation film fest at the Wexner.  I didnt think I would be having dinner with them, but food magically unites people.  The wings were about 1 minute away from being done when they both walked in.  We ate, talk about all the wonderful animation styles, plots, and artists.  Tarzan was busy contemplating life while balled up in his own fur next to us.


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