Ellice: Tues(day 14)

E11ice P4rk

Had a very simple supper. Fish. Bread. 🙂 delicious. Have a lot of things to do before going to sleep tonight. Happy. Bathed. It’s been a very full day. Prison ministry, taking minutes for the second hearing on HB 56 at the statehouse (reform in job opportunities for reentry citizens), working with an autistic boy for behavior modification, and now… Time to read read read. 

I read something that caught my attention today. It’s a Billy Graham book about evangelism. Take a Jesus example. Invest in 12, teach and give everything you got to them. Have them do the same. There is a greater return in that than when Jesus had thousands around him, like when he fed them bread and fish. 

I wasn’t thinking all that much when I ate. I just wanted to move on to what I had to do, but at the same time enjoy something tasty. Now that I’m writing this… I find surprise and delight in the reflected parallels. 

How often do my food choices reflect former thoughts and doings from the day?


4 thoughts on “Ellice: Tues(day 14)”

  1. Ellice, are those pumpkins? Do you even make pumpkin soup? It was always one of the simple things Gunyoung would make last year and I really enjoyed it. We should make rice cakes soon!

    • Song Of... says:

      I love that! My mom is great at making pumpkin porridge. You should come over so we can do that! 🙂

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