Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 17)

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Windyn Hines

I shared breakfast this morning with Calvin.  We ate toast and jam, banana, orange slices, and a waffle.  Calvin drank coffee with milk and I, chamomile tea.  

My mother stitched the table runner underneath our plates, which she sent me in the mail for my birthday, along with several pounds of fresh oranges from grandmother’s tree in Arizona.  The table runner has 3 panels of Southwestern design Sashiko.  Sashiko is a type of Japanese embroidery with a ratio of stitch length to space between stitches of 3:2.  My mom stitched several Sashiko panels for her friend and neighbor who has begun designing Sashiko patterns with a Southwestern theme.  My mom organized several stitching parties to help out her neighbor for her first quilt show this past February.  My mom is quite a host and in addition to stitching, I’m sure there was lots of food shared.  I am very impressed by my mom’s work and am surprised and touched that she gave me this table runner she worked so hard on. 

Click here to see Joyce’s Southwestern Sashiko quilt block patterns.


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