Dan H – Old North Columbus


I met up with a client today to discuss some product design projects for her business.  She is also my previous boss who owns the tea house I use to work at.  Shes branching out to Indonesia and Australia with her business which is exciting, but also a touch bit stressful for me.  Finding time outside of work to finish all these design requests can be challenging.
I offered her some sourdough with avocado, fruit, and a pot of oolong tea.
She blended a custom tea for Gahana’s up coming jazz fest and traded me a bag of it for some of my oolong tea from Taiwan. 
New tea to try!  YES.

Anna came over for dinner afterwards.  We made oven roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower.  I mixed them together with olive oil, lemon juice, salt pepper, and garlic.  I also made some kielbasa sausage stir fried with onions and a bell pepper.  Kidney beans on the side with steamed white rice.
Token was jealous of Tarzan’s appearance last post, so he decided to join us today.


3 thoughts on “Dan H – Old North Columbus”

  1. Song Of... says:

    That’s exciting! It’s awesome when we can work with former coworkers in new ways =D Good luck with your design project.

  2. Windyn says:

    Naughty cat, on the table! Cats do what they want, don’t they? How were those brussel sprouts? I feel like they’re really bitter off-season, unfortunately.

    • They brussel sprouts turned out great! I think the lemon juice neutralized any kind of bitterness or at least i didnt taste any. 🙂

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