Julie – German Village – Meal 18

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Julie Jent

Yesterday was hectic and plans changed, so I was unable to eat with someone the way I thought, so I’ll make up for it on Sunday 🙂 As for today, Justin and I were very busy at work all day but were rewarded with a Friday Happy Hour with the alumni group from his alma mater, Rose-Hulman. Rose is a really small engineering school in Indiana but despite it’s small size, it is one of the best engineering schools in the country (yes: wife-brag) and there are actually many alumni in Columbus. We met up with some friends and new people at Land Grant in Franklinton, which was really fun. We tried to wait until we got home to make dinner, but the food everyone else was ordering from the food truck, Aromaku, looked so good we had to try some. We got an Indonesian noodle dish and mini stuffed pancakes. Much later, after we got home, we played with our poodle, flipped through Netflix, and shared some chips and salsa. A good, relaxing Friday night!


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