Ellice: Satur(day 18)

E11ice P4rk

I skidaddled home after facilitating Prison Ministry Training with Chuck and Debbie this morning. Had to eat something before going to work! So I wolfed down something quick–peanut butter on buttery bread and cuties! 

As I write this, I realize how limited my eating palette is when I’m in a rush–which is most of the time–and which are the moments I capture for food blogging here.I’m sitting here thinking maybe the stress I feel is heightened by the limited kinds of nutrients I intake. If I intake more variety and become more intentional with my food even though my life is busy busy busy… Will I feel less stress? Will I feel happier? Will it be easier to get up in the morning? 

I’m sure there are studies that confirm this suspicion. And my super fit super healthy friends say things like this. But maybe I can put it to the test–this project is a good opportunity to do so! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Ellice: Satur(day 18)”

  1. Windyn says:

    I definitely feel like increasing the diversity of the nutrients you eat and being intentional about meals will help with stress, happiness, and waking up in the a.m. Especially if you try to replace processed foods with whole foods that might satisfy the same cravings- carrots for a snap, instead of chips, peanut butter with no additives, instead of peanut butter with sugar and added hydrogenated oils. The key is also balance. Try not to get obsessed about the diversity of your food intake, but think of your gut as a living thing, that needs good, whole nutrients to stay healthy. The health of our belly tells relates very closely to the health of the rest of your body and brain. Lots of cultures and religions treat food like medicine. In the U.S. we treat food as a reward and treat food as a second thought. Your body is your temple and one of the surest ways of staying healthy, happy, and stress-free is eating well.

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