Julie – German Village – Meal 19

Julie Jent
Justin woke up early to meet a friend at the Arnold Classic, so I spent the majority of my day with my main bitch, Fran (that joke will never get old to me). Fran had a late night last night, so she spent most of the morning sleeping it off while I did a few chores and sketched. Of course, she conveniently woke up when I was making some tuna salad and insisted on sharing. Instead of politely asking, she sort of barges up, sticks her nose in my way, and stares rudely at my food just long enough to be awkward… so I usually feel pretty obligated to share with her. Kind of a passive-aggressive way to make friends, but it seems to work for her. 
After a while, we went for a run in the lovely spring weather. It was a sloppy, wet, sloshy, sunshiny day and we got delightfully covered in mud. By the time we came home and cleaned up, Justin was back and he and I went to Alex’s birthday party at the Hofbrauhaus (co-hosted by Carli… remember them? From the Taco Night and the Twin’s Birthday?) 
All the ingredients for a great Saturday: tons of alone time balanced by a good time with friends. 

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