Julie – German Village – Meal 17/20

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Julie Jent
Today was a Julie and Justin Day. I was the DD last night, so I woke up bright-eyed and energetic, and made breakfast for us. Remember how I raved about goetta?? Here it is!! To celebrate, I drank coffee out of my Cincinnati mug. I wish you could all taste-test through the screen.
Anyway, I made breakfast while Justin snoozed, and after we ate, he slowly acclimated himself to being awake while I went for a run with Fran. When I came back, he was ready to go to the store with me. My parents gave him a gift card to REI and we needed a few things for our backpacking trip in April. We are going to the Smokey Mountains to hike for a few days and needed some clothing and cookware. We both grew up in the country and are pretty outdoorsy so it was really fun to walk around and look at all the merchandise. We talked about all the trips we could go on in the future and drooled over all the gear we could get. We got what we needed and came back to make dinner.
Since we were tired and low on groceries, I was tempted to get something easy like Chipotle, but wanted to do an extra meal together to make up for last week’s missed dinner. I had some pesto I had forgotten about and sauted the last of our veggies with it. It made for a great dinner and we even had some left over for Monday lunches.
Overall, a great early spring weekend. I love March!
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