Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 21

Dan Hsieh

I did a bit of experimentation tonight and attempted to make cauliflower pizza.  It was a tasty disaster!  I totally skipped a step in the process which turned the “pizza” more into a pizza hash thing.
First you put the cauliflower in the food processor, steam it, mix it with cheese, egg, spices, then bake it.  The important thing is to bake it before placing any sauce and ingredients in it.  After the first baking process, then you add toppings, sauce and bake again.  Well…. i kinda skipped the first baking process and went to baking step 2 and it turned out kinda sloppy.  Tasty, but sloppy.
Round 2 in the near future.


3 thoughts on “Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 21”

  1. Julie Jent says:

    I did this once too! Very sloppy even after I pre-baked it. I think another secret is to get a lot of the water out of the cauliflower after it’s been through the food processor… press it with paper towels or something to dry up the excess water. Also add an extra egg. Good luck!

    • Gah! I guess cauliflower pizza really is tricky. Ill try an extra egg and up the oven temp to get all the extra water out. Thanks for the tip!

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