Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 21

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Today Forrest made it home from North Carolina. I had to teach in the evening so I didn’t see him until after I finished teaching, meaning we had our almost standard late night dinner. This evening it was a pleasant surprise. He had driven through Athens on the way home and stopped to pick up a spelt crust avalanche pizza it is one of our favorites! Anytime you haven’t seen someone you love those first moments together are special. We embraced in a big hug and then settled in to share the meal together. Even through we didn’t spend the time making this food it still felt uniquely special because of the person I was sharing it with.
The two additional pieces of pottery on the table were pieces Forrest came home with. The small cup was a gift from one of the presenting artists and he purchased the jar from Samantha Henneke at Bulldog Pottery.


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