Julie – German Village – Meal 21

Julie Jent

A busy Monday means a quick meal. After work, Justin, Fran, and I went on a run in the spring (!) weather, I showered and went grocery shopping, and came home to make dinner. I try to keep fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables on hand to make meals with, but I also sneak one or two kinda/sorta pre-made meals in the cabinet for busy days. Today I reached for the box of rice and beans and boiled some water. I also added kielbasa sausage and extra beans to the rice and seasoning. Not bad! Justin and I talked about our day while we ate dinner. 

A funny thing also happened after my grocery shopping trip… Since I had just worked out and rushed off to the store, I was really, really thirsty, so I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru for an iced tea (I’m a country girl, I can’t help what I crave). When I got to the window to pay, the high school guy working was really funny. I posted this on Facebook, so I’ll just copy and paste here:

17 yr old *slams drive-thru window open*: HELLOOOO! 
me: um, hi..?
guy: … what did you have again? (as he turns around and knocks stuff over)
me: an unsweetened iced tea
guy: oh crap… (iced tea is being auto-filled and now overflowing) (slams window shut… then back open and leans out, voice is low) so do you have Instagram? You should follow me. Got the dopest name. Catdog76.
me: ..?
guy: YES. Here’s a free Sundae. BYE NOW. (slams window closed)
I guess in the context of this project you could say he was using food and place (McDonald’s drive-thru) to connect with people (by forcing food upon them in return for Instagram followers???). 

2 thoughts on “Julie – German Village – Meal 21”

  1. I read this earlier and I didn’t comment but now I feel like I need to because I read your post following this one where you said you couldn’t fall asleep! Its funny how we crave things not thinking about how they will effect us– I do this far to often myself!!

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