Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 21)

Windyn Hines

Today’s dinner was a mixed salad, green chile and cheese tamales, and baked barbecue tempeh.  I made the salad with red leaf lettuce and a lettuce mix from our CSA, carrots (so sweet- from the CSA also), avocado, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, and sunflower sprouts (from the CSA).  The tempeh I quickly prepared, marinating it in BBQ sauce and baking for 20min.  

I do not know if you are familiar with tempeh (fermented cake meat substitute from Indonesia.  In this case, made with soybeans and rice), but I used to make and sell tempeh locally until I hurt my wrist and was unable to make it anymore.  I sold my tempeh mostly to the Indonesian community in Columbus.  It was a really great way to meet a tight-knit community in Columbus, mostly folks living at Buckeye Village (BV), student housing for families.  I loved making tempeh deliveries.  I would ride my bike over the river to BV and make multiple stops, and usually get invited in for tea and snacks at someone’s home.  I remember it fondly and miss it. 

I steamed the tamales and Calvin and I (with whom I shared my meal) ate them smothered in red chile sauce from New Mexico.  The smell, texture, and taste of steamed masa makes it a very comforting food.  Its also fun to unwrap from its corn husk, which reveals a lovely, slippery dumpling-type roll.  The best tamales I ever had were from a street stand in Mexico.  They were dessert tamales, the masa mixed with sugar and cinnamon.  

I hope you all enjoyed the great weather today.  I’m so happy the snow and ice is melting and the sidewalks are clearing up.  I took advantage and walked with a friend down to the Olentangy River path where we spotted a Red-cockaded Woodpecker and a raccoon.


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