Nina – Downtown (Day 20)

Nina Bressau

When I first moved to the U.S. over 10 years ago, I tried everything that was new to me – peanut butter chocolates, cookie dough ice cream, Twizzlers, Skyline Chili, bagels, flavored oatmeal and many restaurant chains.

Pop-Tarts was also something new, and I only liked few flavors, including Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Som bought some the other day, and it was something quick to make today.

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2 thoughts on “Nina – Downtown (Day 20)”

  1. NIna, I used to eat these growing up. My dad always kept a box in the dishwasher (we never used it– well only for storage.) I remember sneaking a brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart many a times!

  2. Song Of... says:

    hahah! that photograph made me chuckle. your photos are So cute!! your photographing eye is Very Endearing to see 😀 😀 😀 i love the story, too. cinnamon pop tarts are tasty! nina, you are adorable!

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