Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 22)

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Windyn Hines

For today’s shared meal, I brought pizza home and shared my meal with Calvin.  On my way home from volunteering on Tuesdays, I pass a ZPizza location and did you know they have a Tuesday deal, Buy One Get One For $2?  It’s not really advertised, but its a good deal. 

Pizza-night is usually reserved for the harder days of the week, you know, Mondays, Hump-day (Wednesdays), or Fridays, but today we enjoyed it on Tuesday.  Calvin loves pizza so much and it brings me joy to see him get so excited about it.  I think it reminds him of many times in his life- being a kid, being a college student, being on his own, and working in a pizza joint himself for several years.  Sometimes I think, what constitutes American cuisine?  It really depends on who you’re asking.  Things like where you live, your cultural history and heritage, and your socioeconomic level all play a part.  For my ideas of what constitutes American cuisine, I think pizza would make it onto my list.

Congratulations, by the way, to the participants of Partake Columbus and the viewers of this blog- today is our 3-week mark!


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