Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 23

Jeni Hansen Gard

Today was the first day of the OSU ceramic club pottery sale. I helped set up at nine and with only a short break for a studio visit I worked the entire day until after six in the evening. The sale was busy all day and it was warm and sunny. Everyone was so happy to be outside! I really enjoyed being outside but I am so exhausted my body hurts. I went home for a quick dinner with Forrest and had to come back to school to teach this evening. Forrest made us sandwiches since we are almost completely out of food and thats about all we have left to make. We are going to visit the grocery store this evening after I get out of class.


3 thoughts on “Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 23”

  1. Windyn says:

    Oh, gluten-free tortillas! I know those very well! As Calvin is a super-fan of tortillas, we pretty much spent all our money on these while we were GF for a year. I wish they didn’t crumble so much. The butter lettuce on the the sandwich looks really good! By the way, have you ever been to Portia’s on Indianola? She makes a GF teff flour tortilla that is pretty amazing. The Super Burrito is the best!

  2. Song Of... says:

    really like the other pottery pieces peeking out from the back of the photo 😀

  3. Windyn, I have been to Portia’s twice it was really good. Now I am thinking I need to plan a trip back!

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