Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 24

Dan Hsieh

Today Anna and I took advantage of the nice weather and decided to go on a biking adventure around Clintonville.  For Christmas, I made her a new bike with a fun logo I designed of her cat.  We also named the bike after her cat too (Lady Margaret)… so shes been dying to ride it around town.
IMAG0448 (1)imagejpeg_0

I also had to do some grocery shopping too, so we went up and around streets and came across the Clintonville Market first.  After picking up some vegetables, Next stop was Crestview Asian Groceries.  Anna wanted some Mapo Tofu tonight, so the asian grocery store  was a must.  They were all out of baby bok choy! So we decided to head towards Yao Lee down the street to get their bok choy.  Success!  Lastly, we decided to go to Lucky’s for some veggies and coffee beans, etc.
After visiting 4 grocery stores, we were able to see an interesting gathering of different people in each one.  Each grocery store had their charms and weird nuances.  It was kind of like going into a different biome just a couple blocks from each other.
After the biking and shopping, We started cooking some rice.  While waiting on the rice, we also made a loaf of banana bread.  Mapo tofu came after, and dinner after that, followed by a few episodes of Archer.  This was a very fun Thursday.


8 thoughts on “Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 24”

  1. Julie Jent says:

    Lady Margaret!!! I love it!!! I too like to put stickers on my bike. Nice graphic btw!

  2. I read this post with my cousin Noah and he said “he made her a bike” I told him I thought that was accurate because you volunteer at the bike coop. Can you tell us more about it?!? How do you go about building a bike?

    • Haha, well… I started by asking her what she wanted out of a bike. She told me she wanted a light bike with just one speed (she didnt want to deal with gears) etc. From there, I took some measurements to make sure the frame fit her height and searched the market for parts that fit the bill. Since there are some hills here and there, I picked a certain gear ratio that allowed her to go up hills easily and gain speed on flat roads. Afterwards, I put it all together, sized it up again and fine tuned some components. My friend owns a print company, so I designed a logo and text and had it printed out on waterproof vinyl. Presto! Bike constructed.

  3. Windyn says:

    That tofu looks great! Did you use pork, or is it vegetarian? Can I bother you for the recipe?

    • Windyn! The tofu is vegetarian. I actually used a packet this time around because the shopkeep at the grocery store really recommended it. But, in all honesty, the packet mix taste no different from the time I used : blackbean chili sauce, soy sauce, hondashi, ginger, garlic, white pepper powder, combined and cooked at a medium high temp. After the sauce heats up a but and boils, bring it down to a simmer and add the tofu. I usually cover it for about 5 minutes and let the oils cook into the tofu. Afterwards, I add a thickening agent such as sweet potato starch to get it into a sauce. Add some fresh scallions ontop afterwards and eat with rice!

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