Julie – German Village – Meal 24

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Julie Jent
I’m loving this spring weather. All day, I was wistfully looking outside at the sunshine and wishing I were running errands, walking my dog, hanging laundry on my imaginary laundry line… anything but typing on a computer in a temperature-controlled environment where “fresh air” is mechanically pumped in. Sigh… So when Justin said he was going to play frisbee after work with some friends, I jumped at the chance to join him. 
However, I’m basically the most athletic-yet-uncoordinated person in Ohio, so I instead brought the poodle and jogged around the park while he played. The game lasted way longer than I typically run, so I used the chance to stretch my mileage. Afterward, we hung out with the guys and tossed a ball for Fran-dog. 
It felt amazing being outside and active for so long. We came home happily tired and made some homemade pizza (I think I as inspired by everyone else’s homemade pizzas!). I like these pictures because they sort of sum up our personalities. If I may stereotype for a moment: A simple, meat-laden, dude pizza with a punch of jalapeno for Justin. Simple and straight-forward. Meanwhile, I chose the ever-feminine white sauce topped with every complicated vegetable in the refrigerator. Light, healthy, kinda frilly. Probably a little over-thought. 
woman pizza

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